Thanks for visiting my website! I'm a student composer from the United States, based in Michigan. I'm working on my Bachelor of Music in Composition at Central Michigan University.

My musical journey started at the age of five, taking piano lessons for 7 years, then played percussion and jazz drumset in my hometown band program. I was also a drummer and guitarist in several local cover bands that played shows around central Michigan. My love for band led me to compose original music for my high school marching band, which sparked my interest in composing for instrumental ensembles. I also had a deep appreciation for music in movies and video games, and this set me on a path toward a career in film composition.

I'm currently making use of my Engineering/Physics Associate degree from Lansing Community College through my employment as the Tech Lead in the Audio/Visual department at the Central Michigan University School of Music.

My composing philosophy

As a child, I developed a passion for stories that illuminate life's lessons and transport us to unfamiliar realms. Music, a uniquely human art form, holds the power to convey emotion and foster a profound understanding. Allowing the audience to feel this connection to our stories fuels my creative passion for music.