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Reverie Short

January 9, 2024

Watch the film here

I had the pleasure to work on this short film, not only as the soundtrack composer, but also as the sound mixer and sound editor.

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The editing of the project itself took much longer than expected despite shooting the entire film in less than 24 hours. This was in part due to some solo travelling I did during the summer of 2023, and also because I had a fall semester of on-campus classes that took me away from my home studio. During mid-August, before the start of the semester, I visited Jackbox Games' studio in Chicago, and Nate Sandberg was kind enough to give me a tour of the building, making note of the voice-over booths where they recorded the fart sounds that were used in the game. At the time they were on track to complete Party Pack 10 in the coming months, and I had quite a bit of fun meeting the crew, which is a group of lovely, passionate people and the atmosphere was very welcoming. The following morning, I drove to Indianapolis to watch the Drum Corps International Semifinals. One of my percussion friends from college played in the Madison Scouts that year. Tried my best to experience nightlife in the big cities but in the attempt to spare my bank account, there was a lot more walking than there were cocktails, but overall the experience was a positive one. As the semester quickly began ramping up, I had significantly more duties on the job as the A/V junior tech lead at the CMU School of Music. Can't share too many details on that front, but I was grateful to be around people who support me and care about my well being, I'm convinced I would have been in a much worse state at the end of the semester, if not for them. After the end of the semester I resumed my work on the sound, music, foley, and SFX for Reverie with few interruptions, and it was at this time that I was able to get my hands on the Sennheiser HD 599 open-back headphones (which Sennheiser's reputation precedes them, as they are one of the best companies for showing how poorly-mixed your audio is), the new cans really helped out immensely. The Reverie short was released before I was able to hear how the TV (which was added in-post) audio integrated with the mix, but the YouTube version of the short film out there as a proof-of-concept for the eventual feature film. There is an additional version that we will be sumbitting to competitions, which has audio that I re-mixed after some timing changes. Right now we are unsure if it is going to be made available to the public. The feature-length Reverie, Alex Adam's capstone project, will be filmed this summer! I will be the designated audio supervisor as well as the soundtrack composer, and I couldn't be more excited. However, do need some help to fund this project and we would appreciate any contributions, no matter how small, to make this film a reality. Below is a link to the GoFundMe page: Fundraiser by Alex Adam: Help me complete my capstone film, Reverie